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Here’s What Your View Will Look Like On Mars Surface


NASA is offering us earthlings a 360-degree view of what it would be like to stand on Mars.

The agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has posted a 360-degree video on YouTube, or rather one large 360-degree image that you can explore.

Taken by the Curiosity rover’s Mast camera, the series of images stitched together for the clip was taken on Mars sol 1,197 (solar day), or December 18 here on Earth. It gives you a view of the Namib Dune, which is part of the Bagnold Dunes. Mount Sharp is on the horizon, and the series includes a selfie of the Curiosity rover as well.

The video is actually the same as the one NASA posted on Facebook a week ago, but that one was plagued by blurry, warped segments. The new clip is much sharper, and though you can see where the images are stitched together, it provides a better, clearer exploration of the Martian surface.

You can check it out below, though we suggest taking a look at it on your phone through YouTube’s app as well.

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